Free installation of View Ports & IR Windows – up to $4,000 in savings!

*When you activate your Rinzler Shield Service Plan

lnfrared surveys improve safety, reliability & reduce downtime in your electrical distribution system.  Save your facility money and keep employees safe by installing IR view ports and windows – the safest, most efficient way to conduct the electrical survey.

Before an electrical component burns up, it heats up. Infrared thermography is used to perform inspections on electrical equipment because excess heat is usually the first sign of trouble. Loose connections, imbalanced circuits, damaged switchgear, overloaded circuits and a range of other conditions will lead to excess heat and component failure.

There’s no better time to take advantage of the convenience of view ports and IR windows. Simply sign up for a three year Rinzler Service Shield Plan and we’ll install your view ports and IR windows for FREE.

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Rinzler Shield Plans are offered in Standard, Premium and Premium + packages and offer industry leading preventative maintenance and technical support. Watch the video to learn more!

Best of all, Shield Plans can be paid for monthly allowing you to easily budget the maintenance and support you need to operate your critical electrical power distribution system.

View Ports and IR Windows are Vital Components of your Electrical System.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) “Infrared View Ports and Windows are a key component of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices.” These devices help companies improve profitability, up-time, and safety, while gaining control of costs and preveting fires.

Count on Rinzler for assistance in:

  • Choosing the best placement for installation
  • Selecting the best IR view ports and windows for your needs
  • Working within your budget
  • Fast inspection turnaround times


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