Rinzler Shield Service Plans

Without preventative maintenance you’re more likely to experience a system failure resulting in costly downtime – which will have significant costs to your organization.

Avoid the downtime and the cost, by activating a Rinzler Shield Service Plan.

Rinzler Shield™ Service Plans are flexible, customized and controllable. You decide the plan level designed for your facility -that’s best for your budget, your electrical distribution system and your resources.

Rinzler’s Shield Service Plans provide you with access to comprehensive analysis, accountable costs, and an understanding of where you need to go from here. Contact us today!

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Standard Plan

Rinzler’s Standard Plan provides an exceptional level of support that meets maintenance and testing needs. With the Standard Plan you’ll have access to 24/7 technical support, and will always know the condition, lifecycle and status of your equipment.


With Rinzler’s Premium Plan, not only will you have a clear understanding of your equipment’s status and condition, but any travel costs associated with on-site repair response are included.



The Premium+ Plan includes the entire package of preventative maintenance as well as recommendations and management of your on-site replacement parts inventory. Most importantly, however, is the inclusion of an annual year-in-view where together we review your specific needs coupled with industry standards and requirements and ensure you’re on course for success.

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Contact Rinzler today to enroll in a Shield Service Plan. Then, be on your way to regular, hassle-free maintenance.

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