Rinzler designs and services critical power distribution systems. 

 Our Services

We help customers from many industries including healthcare, industrial, municipal utilities, pipelines, data centers and more.
Let us be your one-call, end to end partner for your entire system. Contact us – and a Representative will be right with you.

Infrastructure Assessment

It’s critical to understand areas of opportunity in your electrical power distribution system. Therefore partnering with
Rinzler to perform an Infrastructure Assessment can help you avoid costly and dangerous incidents that can have a
serious impact to operations. Learn More.

Custom Design & Implementation

Rinzler’s relationships with manufacturers, along with our design and engineering servic es satisfy our customers’ increasing need for custom engineered projects and end-to-end solutions. Learn more.

Monitor & Maintain

Rinzler has services to cover the entire life cycle of your electrical distribution equipment, helping improve efficiency while reducing downtime, safety risks, and costs.  Learn more.

Rinzler Shield Service Plans

Our Shield Service Plans offer three levels of support. You choose the level that’s right for your electrical distribution system needs and your organization’s budget. Learn more.


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