Rinzler Projects

Utility System

Morehead, MN

Rinzler installed and maintains 600V paralleling switchgear and a custom automatic control system for three utility mains, along with an emergency standby natural gas generator.

Scott Technology Center

Omaha, NE

15KV Switchgear and Automatic Control System for emergency standby diesel generators.

Lincoln Electrical Systems (LES)

Lincoln, NE

Rinzler installed and maintains 5kV Switchgear and a custom automatic control system three 1600kW landfill biogas generators.


City of Osawatomie

Osawatomie, Kansas

Rinzler retrofitted, modernized and maintains  automatic paralleling controls for six 2000kW diesel generators for emergency standby and curtailment.

City of Kiowa

Kiowa, Kansas

Automatic paralleling control retrofit for 2 – 2000kW diesel generators for emergency standby.

City of Pella

Pella, Iowa

Rinzler installed and maintains 15kV Switchgear for the city substation.

Cavalier Air Force Station

Cavalier, ND

Rinzler installed automated lockout relays to decrease down time after an power outage.

Food Production Facility

Lexington, NE

Rinzler provided a large scale assessment identifying several potential issues. Read more.