It’s critical to understand areas of opportunity in your electrical power distribution system. Therefore partnering with
Rinzler to perform an Infrastructure Assessment can help you avoid costly and dangerous incidents that can have a
serious impact to operations.

  • Evaluate protective relays or circuit breakers to
    determine functionality and reliability
  • Implement programs that can curtail unexplained
    equipment failure
  • Enact safety measures to avoid electrical shock or
    arc flash incidents
  • Provide guidance on the “present state” of a power
    distribution system
  • Identify the longevity of equipment
  • Provide a visual inspection of the power distribution
  • Discover hazards and weak points in electrical
    power distribution systems
  • Provide cost estimates to keep reliability on course

Experienced Rinzler Electrical Technicians itemize internal and external risks, including unplanned or unexpected situations, potential problems from third parties, and internal and external factors. Sample risks include:

  • Functional performance
  • Incomplete internal documentation
  • Verify electrical & mechanical integrity
  • Maintenance deference conditions
  • Inability to source parts, obsolescence

Rinzler documents each component’s vital statistics – serial number, age, visual condition, etc., examines and tests each component, evaluates conditions, and determines necessary calibrations and updates.

Identified risks are rated based on their criticality. We provide you with a detailed analysis of our determinations, including risks with immediate impact vs. medium or negligible risks. This analysis includes a likelihood score.

Armed with an Infrastructure Assessment from Rinzler you’re on your way to:

  • Increasing operating reliability and safety
  • Extending equipment service life
  • Remaining in compliance
  • Identifying cost savings of updating existing products and parts vs purchasing of new products
  • Reporting up to owners/senior management of euqipment status and state
  • Creating a long-term budget plan for retrofits,
    modernization and purchase and installation of
    new prime product
  • Creating an operational plan for minimal site
    disruption and greater control of the timing,
    frequency and duration of shutdown times