Data Centers

Data Centers know that the concept of continuity is one of the most important aspects of their services, as they ensure businesses can access, transmit, and use data supplied by a data center. If that flow of data is impacted, even temporarily, the ramifications can result in millions of dollars of loss. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. We are experts in the equipment and connections that keep data flowing.


In the world of critical power, not only are municipalities tasked with ensuring back up power is there when needed, but must also manage an ever stretched budget. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. We can perform turnkey operations to install new sub stations, or we can upgrade and modernize existing equipment. Our condition based maintenance helps manage the budget by ensuring equipment is well maintained while also providing the ability to prepare for repairs.


Our society and economy has become increasingly dependent on telecommunication networks, especially in situations involving natural disasters. Emergency assistance in crisis situations means that your critical back up power has zero tolerance for failure. At Rinzler all we do is critical power. We care just as much as you do about your critical power systems and keeping people connected.


Engineers play a vital role in the development of critical power back up systems at a variety of facility types. You have to wear many hats and understand legal regulations. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. We have intense knowledge of all components of the critical power system and their connections. We can help you succeed at the work you do best.


Healthcare facility management is becoming increasingly complex. Sudden power outages can quite literally be the difference between life and death. In major hospital systems not only does years of valuable research and sensitive costly equipment need to be protected, but also the lives of patients. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. Like healthcare practitioners understand systems of the human body,  Rinzler experts understand the entire critical power system and its interactions.


The Financial sector is vital to our daily way of life which in turns means system reliability and uptime are of paramount importance. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. We are experts in the uninterrupted power supply systems that safeguard your equipment, sensitive customer data, and consumer access to accounts.


When your lines aren’t moving, you’re not making money. You need critical back up power that will keep you in production and keep you efficient in times of need. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. We’ll help you build and install the critical power electrical system to keep productivity flowing.

Electrical Contractor

You’ve got a big job to do with installing the electrical wiring for the facility you’re working on. When it comes to the critical power portion of your project, you might need to bring in some back up yourself. At Rinzler, all we do is critical power. We understand the full electricity spectrum allowing you to focus on your core competency while we ensure your success in the back up power realm.