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Curtailing energy to your energy provider can bring significant savings to your organization. It makes financial and operational sense to consider a curtailment program. In order to take advantage of the benefits for your organization, you need to implement a program and you need the proper equipment. That’s where the experts at Rinzler come in.  We can help inform you on your journey, and we can provide the equipment and resources you need to get started.

What is curtailment?

Curtailment is a program where organizations voluntary reduce their need for electricity from their energy supplier, or maintain in-house power generation infrastructure to self-supply energy needs. When energy demand is at its peak in a market area, energy suppliers seek to rely on curtailed energy as a source to meet market demand. The key word here is ‘rely’. The energy supplier must know that it has your curtailed power as a reliable source or that you can reliably self-supply.

Prior curtailment notification is provided, and is expected to be received. Non-compliance may result in a penalty.  But, on the positive side, energy providers offer incentives for the ability to curtain your power – sometimes even if the power is never called upon, or solely on your ability to provide capacity. Thus, in exchange for access to energy, the energy provider will often provide rebates based on the contracted kW reduced during peak periods.

Do You Need To: 

  1. Contract for a risk mitigation analysis to identify weak, stressed or other problem areas?
  2. Upgrade and modernize your existing equipment as a result of parts unavailability, end of life cycle or parts obsolescence?
  3. Contract for the purchase and installation of onsite power generation equipment?
  4. Add a maintenance program so that your equipment is ready when called upon?

The Experts At Rinzler Can: 

  1. Perform a review of your operations and if necessary customize switchgear to the specifications that result in the most viable economic plan.
  2. Guide you on your purchase of a generator that will suit your goals for curtailment, and then commission the generator on site for a worry-free installation.
  3. Establish routine service parameters that avoid unforeseen problems and ensure you are able to meet your curtailment requirements

Rinzler gets you ready for your curtailment program.

Capitalizing and committing to an energy curtailment program is the catalyst for your ability to react quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the energy market. The voluntary reduction in electricity use during high demand periods on the electric grid result in a direct savings back to your organization – enough to offset the costs of getting in position to do so.

And the benefits continue with each season of curtailment where the start-up costs are absent. Plus, with an energy curtailment plan in place, you’re ready to investigate additional ‘demand response’ programs where you’re in a position to monitor and manage energy surges, reduce costs and energy use, and identify capacity or reserve issues.

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