CBM – Condition Based Maintenance

Keeping a steady flow of power is essential for continuous operations. The best way to prevent or reduce downtime for your business or organization due to power issues is by being pro-active about evaluating the equipment regularly. The Rinzler team consists of experts at condition based monitoring and providing the service of evaluating, identifying and diagnosing any issues. Rinzler also offers repair or maintenance recommendations that help our clients lower costs, ensure continuous power reliability and provide peace of mind. If there are any indicators that equipment could fail or, that it is deteriorating, Rinzler makes recommendations and helps your organization identify the best course of action considering factors like budget and long term planning.

Condition Based Maintenance is as cost efficient as is it necessary; the diagnostics run is designed  to identify existing issues with the equipment. Recommendations will be made only if the equipment displays signs of deterioration or malfunctions. The process focuses  on accurate and extensive data collection that dictate the repairs that would need to be made.

A few of our Condition Based Maintenance services include:

  • Thermal Imaging for all types of electrical equipment
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • Low and medium voltage breaker testing
  • ATS Inspections, battery systems, power cable testing
  • Low and medium voltage switchgear maintenance
  • Small and large power transformer (dry or liquid type) oil sampling and testing

The Importance of Condition Based Maintenance for Mission Critical Power Systems

Low and Medium Voltage Breaker Testing is comprised of several types of tests. Three of the  most common types of testing include:  contact resistance testing, insulation resistance testing and dielectric withstand voltage. Integral parts of a mission critical power system like motors, pumps, HVAC units, and breakers rarely fail without first displaying signs of impending issues. If they are detected in time, actions can be taken to prevent the equipment from not performing as needed. It’s when an organization fails to follow up on this very necessary maintenance that problems arise and end up turning much more costly than they ever needed to be.

Having these procedures performed regularly are important in order to accurately predictive maintenance issues and to protect mechanical and electrical support systems against unexpected failure. Protecting against failures is crucial to preventing interruptions to essential operations that keep your business running.

Even just moments of downtime can mean costly repercussions (regulatory issues, client backlash and litigation) for major, mission critical power dependent organizations like hospitals, telecommunications centers, data centers and utilities.  If the in house electrical team or an outside vendor does not have the adequate experience or is unavailable at the times when your organization most needs it, it can leave your systems vulnerable to outages, damage and other catastrophic results. It is crucial to have a reliable, experienced, easy-to-contact partner that is available when your business needs it most.

Our team of specially trained field technicians can provide your business on-site service and maintenance to reduce any downtime for your organization and keep it running steady and seamlessly. Our services offer our clients a single touchpoint for advanced electrical solutions to  rely on when  needed most. Our decades of experience allow us to service our clients’ needs quickly, efficiently and properly, ensuring their mission critical power systems are running at their best, all the time.