Rinzler Shield Service Plans

Without preventative maintenance you’re more likely to experience a system failure resulting in costly downtime – which will have significant costs to your organization. Avoid the downtime and the cost, by activating a Rinzler Shield Service Plan. Contact us today!

Consulting & Custom Design

Rinzler’s project managers perform on-site evaluations and analysis of your systems which result in recommendations to maximize availability, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.  Since no two systems are alike, Rinzler creates precise custom control systems designed exclusively for your specific project requirements. Controls are constructed on time and ready for immediate deployment. Contact us today!

Risk Mitigation Services

Repair, Replace or Renew? Rinzler’s Risk Mitigation Services give you the information you need to make critical power equipment lifecycle decisions. Get proactive with your critical power system. Know your potential trouble spots and plan ahead. Identify risks and prioritize solutions today, using Rinzler’s Risk Mitigation & Inspection services.  Contact us today!

Construction, Commissioning & Project Management

Rinzler offers turn-key construction and installation solutions that allow customers to focus on their core business. Rinzler will proactively communicate progress in designing the solution, acquiring necessary permits, managing the construction project and completing the installation, on time and within budget.  Contact us today!

Energy Curtailment Services

Curtailing energy to your energy provider can bring significant savings to your organization. It makes financial and operation sense to consider a curtailment program. In order to take advantage of the benefits for your organization, you need to implement a program and you need the proper equipment. That’s where the experts at Rinzler come in.  We can help inform you on your journey, and we can provide the equipment and resources you need to get started. Contact us today!

System Testing & Condition Based Management

Condition based maintenance is the pro-active process of evaluating equipment and application data inputs in order to provide maintenance and repair recommendations that help customers lower operating costs, ensure seamless power reliability and provide customers with peace of mind. Contact us today!

Field Service

Rinzler’s specially trained field technicians are available for on-site or emergency service 24 hours a day. Centrally dispatched, our team  can meet your field service needs at any location. We provide fast, accurate troubleshooting and repair.

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Retrofit & Modernization

Clients trust Rinzler’s ability to help them save time and money by electing to upgrade and/or retrofit existing equipment. Rinzler’s process ensures a quality end product with the least amount of downtime. Our team of onsite electrical and system experts implement modern system components into the existing installation resulting in significant cost savings for our clients. Contact us today!

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