Key Rinzler Team Members

Dave Watson, Executive Managing Director

Bob Morton, Design and Implementation Manager

Dave Wood, Sales Consultant

John Larsen, Electrical Services Manager

Dave Watson

Dave Watson, Executive Managing Director of Rinzler, has over 30 years of experience in management, sales, and operations; 13 of which were dedicated to mission critical power systems. Dave is adept at strategy creation, expense management and building mutually beneficial partnerships with customers.

Dave is responsible for executing the operational and business development strategies to achieve Rinzler’s key business objectives, as well as developing and managing Rinzler’s subject matter experts.

Dave is a member of NECA – National Electrical contractors association, NIEC – Nebraska, Iowa Electrical Council, and BOMA – Building Owner and Management Assoc.

Dave Wood

Dave is responsible for reviewing customer electrical distribution systems in order to provide solutions and components based on the foundation of ANSI/NETA testing standards. Dave has extensive experience in sales and service of critical power system components for electrical, industrial manufacturing and engineering firms.

Throughout his 34 years in the electrical systems business, Dave has gained a level of expertise in motor control troubleshooting, programmable logic controllers and electromechanical controls, substation maintenance, preventive maintenance, and switchgear maintenance.

Dave spends his off work hours serving on local planning and zoning committees, school boards, and as a fire and rescue EMT.

Bob Morton

Bob oversees projects and the project management team at Rinzler, including automation design, control system design, process creation and implementation, and electrical drafting.

Bob’s experience spans the commissioning of large critical power installations, switch gear audits and ATSs to technician training and switch gear applications and installations. Bob has a proven track record of growing revenue, reducing costs and achieving excellent service call closure rates.

Bob was recognized by the Vice Premier of China on a project to grow the country’s power distribution capabilities through the Sanhe Power Plant. Bob is a member of NECA and has utilizes his knowledge and skills as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

John Larsen

John has been a journeyman electrician for 23 years, and has a variety of mission critical expertise including the ability to troubleshoot complex control systems, perform maintenance and troubleshoot battery and flywheel UPS systems, testing and maintenance of UPS and generator battery systems, testing of protective relays, circuit breakers and generators.

Additionally, John has installation expertise with electrical conduits, cable trays, cables and bus duct, transformers, switch gear and high voltage cable. John works with the Rinzler team with installation of custom designed control systems.

John’s vast experience has taken him from the construction of sub-stations and power plants to a specialization in paralleling switchgear and generators.